Hazrat Moulana Abdul Jalil Choudhury (R.) The 1st Ameer-e-Shariath, North East India

Hazrath Maulana Abdul Jalil Choudhury

Hazrath Maulana Abdul Jalil Choudhury (R) was born in 1925 in Golapganj, in the district of Sylhet. After completing his primary education, he was admitted in Sylhet Government Alia Madrassa from where he passed the Intermediate & F.M Examinations. He obtained M.M. Degree from Sylhet Government Title Madrassa in 1941. In 1937, he joined the student politics and worked as a Congress & Jamiat worker in Sylhet. In 1941, he went to Darul Ulum, Deoband (U.P.) and secured the prestigious scholarly degree of F.D. During his staying at Deoband seminary, he came into contact with many national and international scholars and politicians like Hazrat Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madani, Hazrat Allama Sibbir Ahmed Usmani and others. While staying at Deoband, the historic Quit India movement was launched and Maulana Abdul Jalil Choudhury, as a student leader broke out a procession of hundreads of students. He was sentenced to Nainital Jail for violating civil laws. After his release from jail, he again involved in the anti- British activities and he was again sentenced to Agra fort jail for the second time. As a result, he failed to appear in the final exam of F.D in Deoband. Subsequently, he secured the F.D. degree with honour from Darul Ulum, Deoband. Maulana Abdul Jalil Choudhury was a staunch follower of Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madani, the president All India Jamiat Ulama–e-Hind.

After the partition of India, Maulana Abdul Jalil Choudhury came to India and permanently settled at Badarpur. He was appointed as Muhaddis in Deorail Title Madrassa, Badarpur, which is later on named as Aljamiatul Arabiatul Islamia. Maulana Abdul Jalil Choudhury (R) was a great reformer. He removed many un-Islamic practices which were prevailed in the Muslim society. He was also pioneer of the modern Sabahi Maktab (Morning School). He gave a new phase of life to the Sabahi Maktab by giving it a Time Table, Action, Calander, Examinations Schedule, Course Curriculam etc.

He had the dreams to see the revival of Daur-e-Sahaba i.e the Age of Sahabas. He had the vision to see the Muslim Ummahs, where the Muslims should do everything according to the Laws of Shariah. It was with a view to materialise his dreams into the practical life, Maulana Abdul Jalil Choudhury (R) had set up Talimi Jamat in 1963 and Adara–e-Talim and Tanjim in 1965. The Adara-e-Talim and Tanjim was later on reorganised as Assam Nadwatuth Tameer in 1966. Later on, Assam Nadwatuth Tameer was again renamed as North East India Imarat Shariah and Nadwatuth Tameer.

He was also the founder of Imarat Shariah in North East India in 1976, which was one of the greatest dreams of his life. He was selected the 1st Amir-e-Shariath of North East India. In brief, the assessment of his outstanding career can rightly be observed through the study and readings of Web titles like Dreams, Jalily Garden, Foundation, Imarat etc. He was also well presented in his biography written by Dr. Habibullah Mazumder and Saadullah Mazumder. The great soul took his last breath on 19 December, 1989.

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